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"Bank Melli Iran" Baku branch development strategy

Development strategy of “Bank Melli Iran”, Baku Branch has created strategic visions on the following long, medium and short periods for development of the Bank:

A. Long-term strategic period (2019-2021)

For the long-term strategic period, the Bank mainly aims to become a stable and profitable subsidiary bank which serves for small and medium-sized businesses, especially for participants of trade and economic relations between Iran and Azerbaijan, plays a major role in economic integration of these two countries, owns at least 5% of banking market in terms of the amount of deposit and loan portfolio, and has a strong team.

B. Medium-term strategic period (2019-2020)

The main strategic target of the Bank in regard with the medium-term strategic period is to establish a broad customer network by means of joining the customer base of the small and medium-sized businesses.

C. Short-term strategic period (2019)

The main strategic target for the short-term strategic period is to form a sustainable and healthy team, to create a quality loan portfolio, to determine marketing and sale works, as well, establish standards for improvement of customer services in accordance with advanced corporate management systems.

The Bank should develop and carry out action plans on the following projects in order to achieve strategic targets set for the period of 2019-2021:

  • To establish systems in the Bank, which conform with legislations of Azerbaijan and Iran, strategic development directions of the Bank and international best practice;
  • Regular improvement of instruction book related to products and services


1. To create human resources management systems

  • To determine advanced HR strategy
  • To develop performance evaluation system adapting to regularly flexible market
  • To create motivation system
  • To improve working conditions of employees
  • To establish development system of personnel


2. To adapt customer services to «customer satisfaction» principles completely by means of re-establishment of marketing and sale works

  • To develop and apply marketing strategy
  • To determine and apply advertising strategy
  • To establish product manufacturing system
  • To expand sales network
  • To create and apply customer services standards
  • To carry out customer segmentation
  • To establish automated base on borrowing customer rating system
  • To develop customer profile
  • To improve sales technology
  • To determine new active products
  • To determine new passive products
  • To upgrade marketing works


3. To improve works related to treasury in Bank

  • Improvement in effective management of liquidity
  • To ensure profitability of capital


4. To improve information technologies and information flows

  • Development of IT policy
  • Regular improvement of information security system


5. Use of effective advanced methods in financial management

  • To determine and apply financial management policy
  • To provide phased separation of financial management from customer relations
  • To create and use calculation methodology of cost price
  • Research of product and service profitability and regular execution of prospectively strategic studies