About Bank

The interest rates on loans issued by the bank from September 1 are as follows.

I. Consumer loans:

1. Auto credit

Interest rate;

  • 25 percent for independent applicants;
  • 21 percent on contracts with salons;
  • 18 percent on any collateral and contracts with salons.

2. Cash loan:

Interest rate -16 percent;

3. Loans for retirees:

Interest rate -22 percent;

4. Collateral for gold and gold jewelry:

Interest rate -26 percent;

5. Loans for employees of state enterprises:

Interest rate -22 percent;

6. Loan with real estate collateral:

Interest rate -21 percent;

7. Employees of non-governmental organizations:

Interest rate -26 percent;

8. Credit cards:

Interest rate -27 percent;

II. Business loans:

Interest rate -21-23 percent;

Note: Other parts (items) of Baku branch’s “Credit policy for 2017” remain in force

Head of Customer Service Department

Seyednezam Hashemi, Head of Customer Service, has returned to Iran due to the expiration of his business trip. We are waiting for a new one to replace him.


Dear customer!

ATMs belonging to the Baku branch of Bank Melli Iran are at your service at the following addresses:

  1. Nobel pr-ti 23 (Amay t / m)
  2. 17 Sharifzadeh Street (next to the Iranian Consulate)
  3. 113 S.Vurgun str. (Next to Medical University)

With the cards of the Baku branch of Bank Melli Iran, you can use ATMs (paid) and POS-terminals (free) of the following banks:

  1. Unibank
  2. AG Bank
  3. ASB Bank
  4. PashaBank
  5. AccessBank
  6. ExpressBank
  7. Bank of Baku
  8. NakhchivanBank
  9. YapıKrediBank

You can use plastic cards belonging to the Baku branch of Bank Melli Iran to make a number of payments through hesab.az.