About Bank

Bank's corporate governance system

External audit company that has conducted the audit of Bank is “NEXIA EA” CJSC.

Bank’s three-year business strategy has been developed related to the application of corporate governance standards. Types of activity to be implemented by the bank, targets for specific products, services and rates have been determined in new strategy. Bank’s financial forecasts for the implementation of strategy have been made taking into account the strategic targets put forward.

The establishment of internal audit department has been approved for the assessment of efficiency of internal control system of the department responsible for risk management.

Information systems that enable to measure credit, liquidity, open currency position and other risks and obtaining necessary information at any time have been established in the direction of establishment of management information system.

Bank’s accounting records and financial statements have been adapted to the application of International Financial Reporting Standards.

Bank's internal committees

The activity of Credit Committee is provided in the Branch office. Procedures for the effective management of credit risks and monitoring on credits have been determined. Regulations of Credit Committee have been determined and these Regulations reflect Rules “For the application of corporate governance standards in Banks” and the requirements of Bank’s Head Office. Credit Committee consists of seven persons:

  1. Main official for crediting – Chairman of Committee (Director of Branch Office)
  2. Main official for crediting – Deputy Director of Branch Office
  3. Main official for crediting – Deputy Director of Branch Office
  4. Head of Credit Department
  5. Head of Customer Service Department
  6. Chief accountant
  7. Head of Bank’s Department for Problem Affairs


Reporting system of Credit Committee has been established and the format, duration and periodicity of reports have been specified.